Winter and inter annual Hg contamination of seabirds

Months of work, three rounds of revision, two rounds of proofs checking…. This was the easiest story of of my PhD, but also the hardest paper I worked on.
The idea was simple: are seabirds consistently visiting the same wintering ground every year and did that affect their contamination with Hg? But behind this simple idea, setting up the methods was complicated and explaining it, even harder.
But with the help of the co-authors, the reviewers and the editors, we managed to have this story finally out and I could not be happier to see it published.

Another reason I am excited about this paper is because I am finally starting to publish the core of my PhD, which was about seabirds migration and their the non-breeding (winter) contamination with Hg. So this paper is part of ARCTOX, but also SEATRACK, a Norwegian project that aims at mapping seabird distribution through the North Atlantic.
Over the next three months, at least two other exciting studies should be published on this related topic. So stay tuned. In the meantime, here are the infographic I always do to accompany my work. You can find it in English, en Français and something new… på Norsk.

Hope you will enjoy the hard work and results of this study.

The study can be found here


In english

En Français

på Norsk

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