About me


I am a « young » (yes, 33 is still being young) PhD student studying arctic seabird spatial ecotoxicology (CV).

If you are french, I am quite sure you are wondering : « What? 33? A PhD? Isn’t she too old? ». Well no, I am not! Let me tell you my story.

After a Masters Degree, I worked for two years in a bank office. But guess what : this job was absolutely not for me. So I get back to university and decided to become an ecologist. After seven years of studies (ask me for details), five internships, at least 10 different student jobs and one paper as co-author, I decided to do a PhD. But as things do not always happen as they are supposed to be, it took a little longer than expected.

For 14 months, I worked as a research assistant with Franck Courchamp in Paris. Our main project was mainly focused on conservation biology but I was also part of some other project ( You’ll know more about it later 😉 ), including one we published recently (see my publications and this page for an infography).

Before working with him, I have been mainly focused on studying impacts of global change on birds, from the edge effects on passerine, to effects of global change on arctic seabird population.

All the work I have been doing in ecology convinced me to become an ecologist researcher.
I am really keen about doing science. I am this kind of crazy student who love spending hours playing with data and doing meaningful statistical analyses or with words to write something not so bad. I do not want to do research because…it seems logical to do a PhD, but because I really want to become a researcher in ecology.
In addition I strongly believe it is our duty, as researchers (and PhD student), to share our work. I think it is meaningless to do research if this knowledge is only available for scientists. So through this blog, I will share my research and hope you will like it and share it!

There is it! Now you know why I am a « young » student, why I am writing this blog and why I decided to do a PhD.


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