About me


I am currently looking for new opportunities as a postdoc researcher.

In 2021, I did a postdoc at Paris Saclay University with Franck Courchamp working on conservation biology. More specifically, I studied invasive species, including their cost on polar regions.

I did a PhD in La Rochelle University, studying Arctic seabird spatial ecotoxicology (CV). More precisely, we used Arctic seabirds as bioindicators of mercury (Hg) contamination in the environnement (see the project ARCTOX).

But before doing a PhD, I did quite a lot of other scientific (or not) activities.

After a Masters Degree in sales, I worked in a bank office, but after few yers, I realised I did not like my job. So I decided to do a professional retraining and I went back to university to become an ecologist. After seven years of studies (ask me for details), five internships, at least 10 different student jobs and one paper as co-author, I decided to do a PhD. But as things do not always happen as they are supposed to be, it took a little bit longer than expected.

So after my studies, I worked as a research assistant with Franck Courchamp in Paris for a little bit more than a year. Our main project was mainly focused on conservation biology but I was also part of some other projects, including pollutants or papers to read in ecology (see my publications and this page for an infography).

Through this blog, I will share my research and thoughts about science.

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