I decided to become a researcher. Yes my dear. I will. Ok first, I need to find a PhD, but it is just a matter of time (and some other tiny important thing like a grant. Just a detail).

This part of the blog will be for friends and family ( just to be sure they know what I am really doing) but also for any student who wants to know more about the life of a « young » scientist. For curious people, you may have notice  the double quote. Well, for a french student, I am a little bit (hum hum) older than a « normal » student. Which make things way more interesting (hum hum hum). I’ll tell you more about the crazy decision I decided to take!
Anyway, I hope this blog will be funny, useful and help you to become as crazy as I am for research in ecology 😉

Be prepared, my first story will be.. how complicated it is to find a PhD in France… Yummy ^^ (work in progress!!!)


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