Already one year since I started my first « payed » job in science (we won’t talk about french salary in research 😉 – at least not today ).
I learned A LOT and in addition of working on Franck’s projects, I decided to work on one of mine : sharing science.

Do you know how work research? Well you need to publish articles in scientific journals, only in english and with crazy vocabulary. Why do I say crazy vocabulary? Because scientists always use terms that only scientists (working on the same research area) can understand. So if you are not a big fan of science, this is not sexy to read. At all.

Which is a pity, because what we are doing is awesome. Really. I am serious :D. And to convince you, I will develop my project of « sharing science » : for any paper I will work on, I will create a one page work where I will summarize the most important information.I hope you will like the idea and learn some new staff.

Well, actually the idea also comes from to the fact that I want to be sure that friends and family know more about what I am doing all day long : No guys, I am not only catching birds in the forest 😉

Here is the first one. Hope you will like it!

oh and by the way, for lazy french, it is available both in French and English!!!

English version:

Capture d’écran 2017-07-11 à 13.49.44.png

Version française :

Capture d’écran 2017-07-11 à 13.50.09.png

Picture: Specimen from Brackenridge Field Laboratory, Austin, Texas, USA. Public domain image by Alex Wild, produced by the University of Texas “Insects Unlocked” program.