Work Experience

  • Since October 2017: PhD Student, studying Arctic Seabird Spatial Ecotoxicology – LIENSs, La Rochelle (France). Supervisor : Jérôme Fort
    This PhD project is related to:

    • ARCTOX, a Pan-Arctic network which aims to track Hg across Arctic marine food webs.
    • ILETOP, which aims to study the impacts of legacy and emerging pollutants on Arctic avian top predators.
  • Since September 2015: Trainee Ringer
  • September 2015 – October 2016: Research assistant at the Ecology, Systematic and Evolution Laboratory, under the supervision of Franck Courchamp and Corey Bradshaw. I mainly work on conservation biology, from invasive species to charismatic species.
  • June and July 2015: Field assistant for the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), under the supervision of Tone K. Reiertsen. catching birds, taking notes, making measurements, laying on loggers,marking birds, looking at rings for Capture Recapture dataset. I mainly worked with common guillemot, but I had the opportunity to help with puffin, gull, kittiwakes and shags.
  • January to June 2015: Intern at the NINA, where I studied the adult rate survival of the common guillemot from Hornøya, regarding environmental variables. This internship was under the supervision of Tone K. Reiertsen
  • April to August 2014: intern at the CEREEP-Ecotron in Paris, under the supervision of Beatriz Decencière and Samuel Perret. My work was to provide technical assistance for all the ongoing projects.
  • February to march 2014: Intern at the IEES under the supervision of Clotilde Biard, studying the edge effects on blue tits and great tits.
  • April to August 2012: Intern at the Konrad-Lorenz Institute of Ethology, under the supervision of Matteo Griggio, studying the social behavior of bearded tits.
  • April to May 2011: Intern at the IEES, under the supervision of Clotilde Biard, studying the edge effects on blue tits and great tits.
  • 2006-2008: Service advisor for BNP Paribas.


  • 2013-2015: Masters Degree in Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution at Paris-Sud University
  • 2009-2013: Bachelor in Ecology at Paris-Sud University.


C. Albert, T.K. Reiertsen, K-E. Erikstad, R.T. Barrett, M. Ballesteros. Can winter diet and distribution explain differential survival between two morphs of the Common guillemot? Poster presentation – International Conference on Ecological Sciences. Marseille, France. October 2016. Guillemot Poster

C. Albert, G. Luque, F. Courchamp. Charismatic species: who are they? Oral presentation – International Conference on Ecological Sciences. Marseille, France. October 2016


Semibeer: journal club (ESE Orsay) (January 2016-Novembre 2016)

How to find a PhD after graduation: organized with the head of the Master Degree program and other alumni students. Paris Sud University, December 2015


Paris-Saclay Foundation, grant for International Internship, December 2014. Amount = 2700€

Mobitliy grant, La Rochelle University – 1200€

Arctic Field Grant, 2019, « Exposure of arctic seabirds to pollutants: what is the role played by individual migratory movements and non- breeding distribution? (ExpoBird) » ≃8000€ (79000 NOK). 


2019: Thibault Le Verge. Master 2. La Rochelle University. « Migratory seabirds, Hg vectors at a large spatial scale ». Co-Supervision: Jérôme Fort, Céline Albert, Pierrick Bocher.


Public communication 

Picture and scientific exhibition:   » Polar Ecology, from the Arctic to the Antarctic » at the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, La Rochelle, from June to October 2019.
Organized for the 80’s CNRS anniversary.
More information:  and« >Radio (only in french)

Fête de la Science :  » La contamination des oiseaux marins en Arctique », co-presented with F. Amélineau, at La Médiathèque, La Rochelle. 18 October 2018